700HP Porsche 997 GT2 || ONBOARD Twin-Turbo Monster

Nicolas Werver drove what was factually the fastest Porsche unit in European HillClimb Racing during last Season, his monstruous 997 GT2 which can be seen here attacking Falperra HillClimb during the last Edition of HillClimb Masters where it placed among the Top 10 Fastest Monsters on the Event.

Powered by a 690Hp 3.6L Mezger Engine unit in Twin-Turbocharged form, it featured quite a few unique aerodynamic add-ons in order to keep all the power in check between the Rear Wheels. This Monster has been sold to Spain since then, with Mr. Werver now reportedly on the process of finishing an entirely new Porsche machine to fight for Group 2 in the European Hillclimb Championship. We will certainly keep an eye on that…

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