740HP R20 VW Lupo from van Vught Tuning

The Van Vught Tuning VW Lupo was over from Holland for the VW Action Show at Santa Pod Raceway. This year they came with a new setup to test out. Still the same Mk6 R20 Engine, pushing out over 700hp, but now with new wishbones, wheel hubs, brakes and a 4 speed dog box.

Also with all new electronics in the car from Ecumaster, they can use a lot of features, like launch control, traction control, boost by gear, data logging, flat shift and so much more.

The best time filmed over the weekend was 9.99 @ 148mph, although they did go on to run a 9.92 @ 154mph, before breaking their LSD diff. With a stronger LSD they will be back and the times will come down. Another car to watch out for.

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