9.500RPM Ferrari 360 N-GT || INSANE F1 Old School Sound !!

This is a remake of an old video and features arguably the most insane sounding Naturally Aspirated Monster we can remember, trumping even the mighty Judd V8 beasts. It is Franco Putelli´s Ferrari 360 N-GT, which competed in the Italian Hillclimb Championship between 2008 and 2010 and while looking not that dissimilar to the 360 Challenge units of the time, it is mechanically a very different machine.

Specially tuned by Michelotto and taking the 3.6L F131 Engine to its very limit, it produced 540HP at a deafening 9.500Rpm in de-restricted form, while being built within the GT2 rules of the time. It is a truly special version of an already special car that we probably won´t ever be able to watch again on the European Hills. But in the meawhile we can always remember with this clip!

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