800HP C20LET Mk2 Astra/Kadett GTE ‘Rusty Bullet’ at Santa Pod Raceway

Carl Hartley’s Mk2 Astra GTE known as ‘Rusty Bullet’ has been in his ownership for the past 17 years! It runs a Vauxhall C20LET which will make up to 800hp in the right conditions!

Carl has been chasing that magical 9 second ticket for a while now and was aiming for it at the recent private test day but it didn’t quite come together even with the new bigger slicks!

Other Specs
Chinese GT35 Turbo
Chinese Intercooler
1500cc Injectors
Custom Cams
Twin Bosch 044 Pumps
CG Triple Plate Clutch
F28 Gearbox with Quaife Diff

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