540Hp PDL Mustang 2 || Legendary V8 Saloon Monster

Pdl Mustang

This Monstruous ´76 Mustang comes from New Zealand, built by PDL Racing and hold Saloon Car records of multiple circuits during its career spanning from 1976 to 1979.

It is a tubeframed, rear wheel drive Monster powered by a 6.0L V8 engine based on the rare aluminium Cleveland block fitted with a custom built Moldex crankshaft, Carillo conrods and Brooks forged pistons.

The block is topped by a pair of modified Gurney-Weslake cylinder heads into which fuel is feed by a Formula 1 type Lucas fuel injection metering via slide type throttles.

All this to produce around 540Hp in Naturally Aspirated form. Power is transmitted through a multiplate Borg and Beck clutch to an aluminium cased Ford top loader 4 speed box. A 9 inch Ford rear axle is used with a solid spool diff. Brakes are a lockheed system identical to that used on the Can-Am McLaren sports cars.

Weighing under 1000Kg, this was a machine with performance well beyond its time, and fortunately, it was rebuilt to its original form some years ago, and since then has appeared a number of times in different events to grace the public with its imponent presence and distinctive soundtrack. One of those occasions was this year at Leadfoot Festival where it was possible to watch it attack Rod Millen´s driveway.

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