800HP Lotus Exige V6 Turbo || ONBOARD Honda J35 Turbo Swap

Charl Joubert placed 4th on the last Simola Hillclimb with his mighty Lotus Exige, powered by a Honda J35 V6 engine unit, Turbocharged, capable of reaching upwards of 800Hp to the Rear Wheels and featuring now a heavily revised Aero package.

Weighing around 900Kg and sporting a very widened bodykit to accomodate tires capable of handling all this power, a lengthened chassis to fit the V6 powerplant among a whole host of other changes, this is one of the truly unique South African machines we hope feature more proeminently in the future as it will once again battle for the King Of The Hill title at this year´s edition of Simola HillClimb.

00:00 – Qualifying Run / Outside Footage
00:45 – Qualifying Run / Onboard Footage
01:35 – Top 10 ShootOut Run / Outside Footage
02:28 – Top 10 ShootOut Run / Onboard Footage

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