R30 TURBO DSG FWD VW LUPO RUNS 1/4 MILE IN 9.06 @ 156mph

Joachim Schumacher from Sleeper-Factory was at Hal Far Drag Way in Malta for the 2022 MDRA Finals, in his R30T DSG VW LUPO. Having put a few runs in the 10’s and then getting a PB of 10.09, he lined up to try and see if he could dip into the 9’s for the first time, and ended up running a 9.06 @ 156mph, nearly skipping the whole 9 second bracket, with a PB by one second.

When they asked what changes were made, it was as simple as switching the DSG box from auto shifting to using the paddles. Maybe it couldn’t cope in Auto with the wheel-spin off the line.

We only know of two quicker VW Lupos, both from DOP Motorsport. One is a twin engined AWD monster that runs 8.78 and the other is a FWD 2.0 20VT, that runs 8.89. Joachim and the team are not far behind.

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