850+HP SUBARU Impreza Type-R || Insane Build 22B Engine & ONBOARD

SUBARU Impreza Type-R

This is the spectacular Subaru Impreza GC8 Type-R of Rich White attacking Mallory Park on the Quick60 Challenge event and it´s competitive Debut after an extensive build process of well over 5 years. A tremendous Boxer-powered unit, using the EJ22 motor of 22B fame and pretty much all Top-Of-The-Line one could imagine an Impreza can have to go as fast as possible on a circuit/Hillclimb.

We can even leave a list right here:
Carbon S5 WRC kit, T45 cage, carbon aero package, DJ rear wing
2.35L engine, billet crank, dry-sumped, 8 Injectors, BorgWarner EFR8474 Turbo, inconel manifold,
CSK titanium exhaust, TurboSmart wastegate & ALS valve, Forge Motorsport custom intercooler
& radiator package
Samsonas 6-Speed sequential gearbox with flat-shift, DSS driveshafts and carbon prop, Exedy triple plate clutch, Cusco RS rear diff
Tubular front and rear subframes, bladed rollbars, Krontec air jacks, EXE-TC 4-way dampers, AP 8-pot front / 4-pot rear brakes, 10×18” RAYS TE37SL or Enkei RS05RR wheels
Bremax custom wiring loom, MoTeC C127 dash, MoTeC PDM, Syvecs S8 ECU

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