9.000RPM Porsche 997 GT3-R || Dry & Rain Flat-Out Trento-Bondone

This beautiful Porsche 997 GT3-R was driven by local specialist Giuseppe Ghezzi at this year´s edition of Trento-Bondone, the longest active Hillclimb in Europe. Such a unique piece of road stretching for single runs of over 10 minutes make this fertile ground for local Racing drivers to have a distinct advantage.

And at the the wheel of this 500Hp/9.000Rpm German Monster, the veteran driver was on his way to beat his personal best at the event but saw his efforts come to halt thanks to the heavy rain felt of Race Day. Still, was able to beat all competition on the GT Class and place Second among the fastest Touring Cars who ran with rainy conditions, as you can see on our Top 10 Monsters video of Trento-Bondone 2021.


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