AMG Owner blows up engine while attempting a burnout

There should be a law that prohibits filming when things get tense. In non-life-threatening situations, of course. Here we see an AMG driver trying to burnout his C 63 Coupé while his bros stand by the road watching. The attempt is an outright agony for the V8 engine and transmission. How you get it in your head to keep going for so long when the car really doesn’t want to, is a mystery to us.

And while the 4.0-litre V8 really doesn’t get any better if you mistreat it like that, this behavior shouldn’t be enough to blow up an engine and set off a major flare-up. Unfortunately, the videographer stops recording quite early, so we don’t know exactly what’s giving up. Maybe something breaks off in the transmission or engine (the smoke from the exhaust makes you think it’s the engine) causing a chain reaction. It is a burnout, but not one that the driver had in mind.

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