Audi’s new lights can project video games!

Audi has already got some awesome tech included in their headlight designs… And it’s got some absolutely incredible plans for the future! But that’s not all – Mat’s been invited over to Germany to try them out for himself!

He’s starting off with a look at current headlight tech, looking at features such as the ability to project a ‘carpet of light’ in front of the car when driving at night to help make visibility as clear as possible. He’s also getting up close & personal with the Q4 e-tron, looking at the tech that’s included within its daytime running lights and how it’s possible to change its pattern.

But wait, there’s more! Mat will have the chance to get ahold of concept cars that include future light tech, including the ability to play video games through the car’s headlights!!

With that in mind, we have just one question left – can any manufacturer produce better lights than Audi?! Let us know in the comments!

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