These Vipers Are Getting IMPRESSIVE!

When you’ve ran over 100 Gallons of Fuel through your 1800hp setup in one weekend, you know you’ve testing the limits! Nth Moto is well known for absolute attention to detail and for making some pretty INSANE Twin Turbo Dodge Viper setups and this ACR is an excellent display of this.

Two things about this Viper truly stand out, the fact that it’s a FULL Aero 6-Speed STREET CAR, and the fact that it’s pushing 200MPH with plain old pump E-85 fuel. You could see this car pull up next to you at a gas station, fill up, and drive away and never know that its low key pumping out 3x’s the factory power levels (or more!). The crew over at Nth Moto have time and time again made some impressive setups and we were super excited to run into them again at this WannaGoFast 1/2 Mile Shootout in Dallas, TX. Racing down the historic Hensley Airfield, this viper (and many others) turned an airstrip into a personal Autobahn!

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