AWD Swapped Turbo Honda Civic EF Party Wagon!

All wheel drive Civic Turbo

Our buddy Bisi is back with another super unique build – an All Wheel Drive swapped Honda EF wagon, backed with one of his famously potent turbo’d K-series engine.

The AWD Honda EF Wagon has a K24 engine, with 74mm Turbonetics turbocharger, AEM intake, Golden Eagle manifold and rods Bisimoto crankd and some more Bisimoto parts!

The destrokes K24 engine has with this setup 700HP and his goal is 1000HP!

Naturally, this gets Nads really, really excited. So we brought him in to nerd out over this party wagon build.

Watch the video below to checkout all the detaila of this AWD Honda EF,leave a comment below and share this one with your friends. Follow us also on Facebook!

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