Peugeot 106 with Mitsubishi Lancer EVO ENGINE and Drivetrain?!

While we are recovering from the Toyota GR Yaris, this Peugeot 106 suddenly appears on our timeline. It is the brew of Philippe Duperray, who managed to cram the Lancer Evo powertrain into his 106’s.

The approximately 300hp that the turbo engine normally squeezes out, would be tired of the small French hatchback, but Philippe wanted more.

So he pulled the entire engine apart, replaced all parts with stronger stuff, and hung a larger turbo on it. A sequential body now sends more than 660 hp and 859 Nm to all wheels. For greater stability, he increased the track width and allowed the body to grow with it.

Of course there is a large spoiler on the back, carbon fiber canards on the bumper and the necessary safety options, such as a roll cage. See below how that all works together! Follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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