Best of Rally Cars at Festival of Speed: Sport Quattro E2, RS200, Delta S4, Stratos, R5 Maxi Turbo

Here’s a compilation put together with some of the best rally cars I recorded during three editions of the Goodwood Festival of Speed (2017, 2018 and 2019). If you know how the Festival of Speed ‘works’, you will surely be aware of the presence of a real rally special stage on dirt within the complex, located at the very end of the hillclimb course. During the whole 4 days of event, 90% of the rally cars remain there repeating the stage several times a day.

Even if I’m a big rally fan, I always prefer to stay and record on the hillclimb course as there is much more variety of vehicles, with groups of cars going up one after the other. So in three editions I attended, I’ve never managed to go to the rally stage. But luckily there’s a bit of rally activity even on the hillclimb course.

In fact every year a handful of cars is fielded in one of the numerous batches going up the hill for the whole weekend (generally 5/7 cars). And beyond that, starting from 2018 and on the very first day (Thursday), almost all the rally cars are allowed to do a full hillclimb run and show themselves to the public before heading to their paddock near the rally stage. And that’s the right occasion to record most of them. Hope you like it!

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