1200HP Audi R8 vs 1600HP GT-R vs 1100HP McLaren 720S: DRAG RACE

CHECK THIS OUT! We’ve got a 1600hp Nissan GT-R going head-to-head with a 1200hp Audi R8 & a 1,100hp McLaren 720S… And trust us, it’s absolutely EPIC!

So let’s run through the stats. First up we’ve got Mat in the GT-R, which would normally have a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6… But it’s had a full engine rebuild and it’s now packing a 4.1-litre twin-turbo V6 which delivers a humungous 1,600hp & 1,500Nm!!

It also rolls up with AWD and weighs in at 1,750kg. Next up we have Auto Torque’s Audi R8. Yianni’s in it, and he’s looking forward to feeling its 5.2-litre NA V10 in action once again! And it’s no surprise, given it delivers 1200hp & 930Nm of torque! It’s also slightly lighter than the GT-R, at 1,650kg.

Then finally we have the 720S. Of course, it’s been tuned, so its 4-litre twin-turbo V8 now delivers 1,100hp and 950Nm. It’s easily the lightest car here, at 1,400kg, but it’s got one big disadvantage – it’s only RWD! Trust us, this one is NOT to be missed!

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