Boosted BMW’s Meet! – 1200HP 635CSi, Hartge E46 V8, M5 G-power, E30 Turbo, E34 AC Schnitzer,…

Boosted BMW's

Last Saturday these Boosted BMW’s went to Tim’s Turbo Centrum Open Day who’s specialized in 1000HP+ turbocharged builds. Lots of customers showed up and some rare BMW’s as well!

BMW 335i BMW 635CSi BMW AC Schnitzer S5 3.7 Silhouette BMW E21 323i BMW E28 (S54 E46 engine) BMW E28 (Twin Turbo V8) BMW E30 Turbo BMW E46 Hartge H50 (5.0 V8) BMW M3 G-Power BMW M5 BMW M5 G-Power. Watch the video below, leave a comment and follow us also on Facebook!

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