Drag Racing Subaru BRZ vs Retired Formula Drift BMW F22 Eurofighter

We’ve got 2 different automotive philosophies duking it out on today’s THIS vs THAT, but they’re both LS swaps! Kurtis has the home field advantage with his drag spec’d Subaru BRZ, available for your ogling pleasure @LS3BRZ. It’s got a beefy LSX engine powering some big Hoosier slicks, and all sorts of beep boops hidden in the glove box like he’s James Bond!

Nima of @The Drift Palace meanwhile has a lean, mean, green BMW F22, and its lean and green thanks to the carbon kevlar bodykit! It weighs only 2800lbs, so the 427ci LS7 can push it that much further. Sure it can slide, but can it scoot?? Let’s find out.

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