Ever wondered how a Bugatti Tire looks from the inside?

The current dollar exchange rate makes our work a bit easier, because we no longer have to convert all prices. A $35,000 wheel costs roughly $35,000. What is annoying is that car parts from America are currently a lot more expensive than before – normally you still got a nice discount if you converted everything to euros at checkout.

Okay, so a $35,000 wheel. The rim of the Bugatti Veyron costs about 25,000 euros and the Michelin tire glued to the rim costs another 10,000 euros. The costs of the wheels will not be in the material, but Bugatti has to recoup the development costs over a very limited edition. And it still is a commercial company ofcourse.

“Waterjet Channel” has gotten their hands on a Bugatti-rejected wheel. In the name of science, they put him under a pressure washer on steroids. This way all the people over the internet can see what a 35,000 euro wheel looks like on the inside. Small spoiler to avoid disappointment: the inside doesn’t look very different from your own rims.

The only thing that really differs from most rims is the plastic ring on the inside. It seems to be a kind of mild version of the Michelin PAX system. According to Ed Bolian, who shares his expertise over the phone, the edge of the rim is less deep than a normal rim. That is also one of the reasons that the tires are glued on the Veyron.

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