Experiment: World’s SMALLEST WHEELS on a CAR

The smallest wheel under a production car can probably be found under the Peel P50, the smallest car in the world. ThebP50 rolls on 5 inch rims. You won’t be able tk get wheels of that size to fit under a larger car. This guy tries it with 8-inch rims, and it just works.

The wheels seem to come from under a handtruck and are therefore designed for about 100 to 200 kilos per tire. You can already guess how it ends. The handy YouTuber drilled extra holes in the rim himself so that they fit under his Daewoo Lanos with the help of some wheel spacers.

With any other car we wouldn’t advise putting the jack in the middle of the sill. In the case of a Lanos, you can also put it under the radiator as far as we’re concerned. The Daewoo on 8-inch rims doesn’t get very far, but the burnout is fun to watch!

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