FASTEST Supra in the WORLD!? 🌎

Fastest Supra in the world

What’s better than having the fastest Supra in the 1/2 mile on the planet? Having a second Supra on your team as back up incase that one breaks! These guys headed down to the east side of the Caribbean to check out how Puerto Rico does 1/2 mile events, and they were not let down! Puerto Rico sets the standard AND raises the bar for 1/2 Mile Racing events!

From the hospitality to the wide array of cars across the country, they were blown away! Facing a very strong headwind, the odds of re-breaking the 1/2 Mile Supra record were already grim, but the team faced issue after issue from turbos to trans across BOTH cars, fortunately they managed to get some great passes in and left smiling!

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