Guy wasnt so Happy after he lent his BMW E30 M3 for a Clip

You can say a lot about German engineers, but they really think of everything. In the 1980s, for example, when developing the first BMW M3, a footrest was already being thought of in the design of the front bumper, in case a rapper had to rest his heel on it when recording a video clip.

The owner Stan, was approached by a production company if they could use his BMW M3 E30 in a video clip by rapper Roddy Ricch. The owner and the company made some agreements about what could and could not happen with the car and the BMW M3 went with them to the location of the shooting. Apparently the appointments were immediately forgotten.

The BMW M3 E30 was driven through one dusty desert in California for the filming. The rapper is in the clip sitting on the hood while the car is moving. There was a protective mat between the the rapper and the hood, but still.

Roddy sat on something to protect the hood (you can see it in the full YouTube video).
But still the owner wasn’t happy with VARIOUS other things the production team did that which he specifically said they couldn’t do. However, things are being arranged,” the owner said on Instagram.

What the agreements were exactly, is left up to the owner. We can imagine that ‘not standing or sitting on the car’ was described in the deal. The owner had the car returned home in all its dustiness. The car was still cleaned the next day, but we can imagine that you will be shocked when you get your car back like this.

According to the owner, the complaints are now being handled with the production company. It’s a shame that the experience has such a bitter aftertaste, although it’s cool that your project car has been immortalized in a music video by a popular artist, even if it’s this kind of ‘music.




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