He *FIXED* his flooded Audi E-TRON by putting it in 2000KGs of rice

Did your phone fall into the toilet or sink? Then you have to put it in a bowl of uncooked rice, according to the internet. Rice absorbs water. But does that also work with an electric car with water damage? YouTuber Rich Rebuilds put it to the test, with almost 2000 kilos of rice.

YouTuber Rich Benoit – from the YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds – bought an Audi E-Tron with water damage at the end of 2022. The car was badly damaged during a hurricane. The car was almost completely submerged and did nothing. Electrical equipment and water do not go well together. Still, Rich went on the adventure and bought the car at an auction.

The well-known YouTuber knew what he was getting into, because he has a lot of experience with electric cars that have gone under. He often buys them for next to nothing, takes them apart completely, dries all components and replaces the parts that are really fried.

Audi E-Tron
The American took a different approach this time with the Audi. Instead of completely dismantling the car, he came up with another solution to ‘dry’ the car. Via the internet he managed to buy 2,000 kilograms of rice – which was close to its expiration date – cheaply. He built a gigantic wooden box, drove the Audi e-tron into it and filled the box and the car with rice. You can see if it worked in the video below.

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