Honda S2000 ‘R’: AP2 Build With FK8 K20C1 Type R Power

Honda never gave enthusiasts the ‘R’ version of the S2000 roadster they’d always wanted, so Evasive Motorsports imagined and built an S2000 R of their own. It’s a little bit more than just a fettled S2000 too, because under the bonnet is a 302bhp version of the FK8 Civic Type R’s 2.0-litre turbo four-pot. Considering the original S2000 made do with 237bhp, that’s quite the increase.

There’s also a carbon fibre Mugen air intake, Evasive’s own intake manifold and a titanium exhaust system from Origin Fab. A MoTeC ECU brings everything together and you get a limited slip diff and Koyo Racing radiator. Is this the car Honda should have built? Watch the video below to see and follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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