Carwash; Range Rover Evoque DESTROYED in Carwash

If you wonder why the regulations of the car wash advise to keep all windows and doors closed, you might want to hand in your driving license. The reason behind this is not so difficult to imagine. But we did not expect that opening the boot lid has such a violent effect. The wash brush from this car wash rips off the entire tailgate of this Range Rover Evoque.

It is unknown why the tailgate opened up. It is possible that someone presses a button on the remote control or in the interior. Others are convinced that it is the ‘kick sensors’ on the back that respond to the feet of the washing brush.

The result is at least minus one tailgate and a lot of damage plus wetness around it. If you ever find yourself in this situation: somewhere in the car wash there is usually an emergency button. If you can’t reach it because you’re in the car, honk the horn and hope the servant shuts things down.

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