Lamborghini Espada Barn find, sitting for 30 years in it!

Welcome to another Barn find episode of The Late Brake Show, where Jonny Smith unearths an incredibly rare Lamborghini survivor. The car has secretly sat inside a stone barn, abandoned 30 years ago after the owner mysteriously disappeared.

This is a British right hand drive Lamborghini Espada, of which only 130 were made (there were over 1200 Espadas in total made between 1968 and 1978).

The mysterious nature of this discovery is just as intriguing as the rarity of the RHD Lamborghini V12, as Jonny learns that the deceased land owner was actually storing the car for a person who paid for several months storage and then never returned. That was over 30 years ago!

There was no information in writing about the owner, and the solicitor land owner was left owed for decades of unpaid rent. The traditional stone barn had no windows and sat in a very secretive part of the Lake District, near Kendal. Amongst the idyllic scenery passers-by would never suspect what may be inside the barn.

The Lamborghini was hidden by sheets of wood, a layer of owl droppings and constant darkness. It was also boxed in by a 1990s Vauxhall Cavalier and Calibra, also unclaimed by their original owners.

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