Ferrari FXX K SOUND – Start Up, Accelerations & Downshifts at Nürburgring

During the Ferrari Racing Days at the Nürburgring they have filmed the Ferrari FXX K making a lot of noise on track. The FXX K is based of the ‘standard’ LaFerrari, the V12 hyper car from Ferrari.

Total maximum power 1050HP
Total maximum torque Over 900 Nm (664 ft lb) V12 maximum power* 860 hp @9200 rpm
Maximum revs 9250 rpm
V12 maximum torque 750 Nm @ 6500 rpm (553 ft lb)
Electric motor output 140 Kw (190 cv)

Type 65-deg. V12 Bore and stroke 94 x 75.2 mm (3.7 x 2.9 inches)
Total displacement 6262 cm3 (382 cu in)
Specific power 137hp/l

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