New Civic Type R vs M135i vs A35 vs S3 vs Golf R: DRAG RACE

The guys from Carwow got their hands on the new Honda Civic Type R, so of course, it’s time for an epic hot hatch drag race!

They are putting the Type R up against its key competitors – the new Golf R 20 Year, the AMG A35, BMW M135i and Audi S3 to see which is quickest over the 1/4-mile. So let’s see how they compare.

Starting with the Golf R, it’s powered by a 2-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that can deliver 333hp and 420Nm. It’s equipped with AWD and weighs in at 1,480kg. Next up it’s the S3, which has the same sized engine and can put down 310hp and 400Nm of torque. It’s also got AWD and tips the scales at 1,500kg.

The BMW also comes equipped with a 2-litre turbo 4-cylinder, which produces 306hp and 450Nm – the highest level of torque in this line-up. It’s heavier than both the Golf R and the S3, coming in at 1,525kg. However, it’s not the heaviest car here. That honour goes to the AMG A35, which weighs in at 1,555kg. It still packs a punch though, with its 2-litre turbo 4-cylinder engine being able to put down 306hp and 400Nm.

Then finally we have the Type R. Under the bonnet, you’ll find a (you guessed it…) 2-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, that can put down 329hp and 420Nm. It may be the lightest car here, at 1,429kg, however, it’s also the only manual! What’s more, it only drives the front wheels!

Surely the Type R can’t snatch the win?! There’s only one way to find out for sure… LET’S RACE!

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