Persian Car Mats?! Are apparently becoming a thing

Persian car mats

It takes 53 employees about 130 hours to make the interior of the Bentley Bentayga. That is nothing at all compared to a Persian carpet, which can take between 150 and 460 days to make. So we can only conclude that Persian car mats are the ultimate luxury accessory for your car.LOL

These Persian car mats are unlikely to be woven together in a cramped medina in a traditional manner according to a technique transferred from generation to generation. Rather mechanically somewhere in an industrial area afterwards, but your passengers don’t need to know.

You can find the Persian car mats on different sites on the internet for different prices. On Zazzle or Carpetrides, for example. Unfortunately we have not yet been able to discover them on AliExpress. Make sure that the car mats are properly secured and that they do not get under or on your pedals! Share this one with your friends, follow us also on Facebook!

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