Porsche 993 Turbo “GT2” EVO | STREET PULLS – UNREAL SOUNDS! (2600LB Street Legal “War Machine”)

This 1996 Porsche 993 gt2 Evo spec aka “War Machine” is german automotive perfection! 2600LB 600+HP Manual Transmission Turbo Air cooled monster with street manners and it’s 100% street legal. This is without a doubt the best Porsche we’ve ever experienced in person.

It began life as a Porsche 993 Turbo in Speed Yellow with Sunroof Delete, this RoW car was owned by ARx Corp in Japan meticulously and very carefully built into a colossal track eating, street legal precision machine and an $800K build in 2022 money including the car.

The power delivery is immediate and linear, making its 600 HP aircooled engine feel as if it was naturally aspirated. Suspension and steering are perfectly balanced for precise handling. It will just go wherever you point the steering wheel to. adjustable electric power steering is a modern touch that makes the car feel great on and off track.

It’s fitted with a Long range gas tank will take you a long way on a road trip or last longer on an enduro race. MoTeC engine management is calibrated to run on premium pump gas on medium boost or 110 on high boost and tuned to perfection!

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