Porsche 997 GT2 RSR Bi-Turbo OnBoard at Monza Circuit!

As promised, here’s a video with some on board laps around Monza Circuit in the Porsche 997 GT2 RSR that we shared a couple of days ago.

As said before, the car was built by Porsche’s specialist RS Tuning many years ago starting from a real 997 GT3 RSR chassis (slightly modified in some joints). The car also features a full, yet modified Porshe 997 GT3 RSR Evo 2012 body kit. The differences are in the long front splitter, higher and bigger rear wing, those two air intakes placed on the top of the rear wheel arches and the central hole in the rear bumper.

Regarding the flat-6 engine, taken from a street-legal 997 GT2, it has been strokered from 3.6 up to 3.9-liter with a variable max power output from 680 hp to 830 hp, depending on turbo boost. Most of the engine’s components are custom-made. The car weighs around 1,280 kg.

The laps in this video are all in the 1’49”00 – 1’50”50 range using the low boost, 680hp race trim. During the two days of test, the driver did just a couple of laps with the high boost map and he managed to set time in the 1’46” mark with a best of 1’46”357.

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