RARE MONSTER! AUDI S2 LIMO 2.2T 650HP – INSANE SOUNDS – The 5cyl iconic monster in detail

Sometimes, there is a car in front of your lens, that make the hair on the arms rise a bit extra, and yoy feel those goosebumps when recording a launch or a drive by.

This time, was one of those times. This insane 650hp Audi S2 Limousine, is a pure gem. Audi did very few of the S2 Sedan, as they mostly came in Coupe or Avant versions. The owner of this monster did an awesome job, and you will hear the Insane turbospool 5cyl sounds that reminds you of the S1 rally car.

Engine: 2.226L 5cyl Turbo 20v 650hp (tuned, 230hp stock)
Performance 0-100km/h: 3 seconds, 5.8 seconds (official & stock)
Exhaust: Custom exhaust 89mm
Brakes: Front 370mm calliper Lamborghini, Rear
300m two clamps Porsche and Ferrari

Tuning: Turbo Precision, Itercooler Wagner, Intake Manifold Wagner, ECU Digital, Short shifter Enker. The engine has forged processions and pistons
Body: Rear spoiler DTM, Front skirt DTM, RS2 Mirrors
Wheels: Motec Ultralight 19”

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