Producer F&F wants to go back to Basics

The action scenes in the Fast & Furious movies have only gotten bigger since part five, but if it’s up to producer Neal Moritz, the next part goes back to the basics of the series. He wants the next part to be all about illegal street racing again.

Moritz made this known in the podcast The Town with Matthew Belloni. The adventures of Dom Toretto and his family took them to just about every corner of the world. In the last part they even went into space for the first time. Instead of coming up with even crazier action scenes, Moritz wants to take it a little smaller in the sequel. “I’d really like to go back to where it all started.That could be very interesting. I want to do something completely different and I think that’s what the public is demanding today.”

As it currently looks, the Fast & Furious series will come to an end in February 2024 with the release of Fast 11. The tenth part is scheduled for a release on May 19, 2023. It is not yet clear whether there will be a release after Fast 11 is definitively put an end to the franchise. “Let’s make a good film first and then we’ll look further,” said Moritz.

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