Quickest MK7 Golf In The World – 1/4 Mile 9.48 @ 145mph

David Lee was as Santa Pod Raceway for the VW Action Show, in his very special VW MK7 Golf. It has been fitted with an Audi RS3 engine and gearbox, and running way over 700bhp. Capable of doing a 1/4 mile in 9.483 @ 145.83mph, which makes it the quickest as well as the fastest VW Mk7 Golf in the World and the quickest and fastest MQB in the World (which is the golf audi seat skoda chassis).

Engine modifications:
Stock engine/stock gearbox and clutch but with TTE8XX Turbo custom setup running only 2bar boost sunoco 109 racefuel
custom intercooler
custom fuel pump
custom exhaust
custom wheels
coolingmist wmi
ohlins suspension
MRC tuning ecu software
MRC tuning tau software

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