Volkswagen stops with its best-selling product after 50 years

Vw produces sausages

Volkswagen has sold more VW curry sausages than cars in recent years. About seven million are sold every year. But that will come to an end, because after the summer holidays all meat will be banned from the factory canteen.

The VW currywurst is a daily snack during the break for many car factory employees. The sausage even has its own part number. According to an internal announcement, the company restaurant at the Wolfsburg factory must be completely meat-free after the holidays. That means that about 150 recipes will have to do without meat. Only occasionally will fish be offered, reports the German Automobilwoche.

Many employees wanted vegetarian and vegan alternatives, according to the information letter. The rearrangement also serves the theme of sustainability, because less meat consumption also helps the environment. The sausage has already been banned at the VW location in Hanover. Fortunately, sausage fans can still go across the road if they still want a curry sausage, but meat is taboo in the official canteens and so the production of the VW sausage is expected to decline.

According to the latest figures, about seven million currywursts came out of the Volkswagen butcher shop every year, plus more than 550 tons of ketchup, a spokesman said. It’s hoped there won’t be a riot, because when VW unannounced changed the flavor of the currywurst introduced in 1973 three years ago, the employees weren’t happy either.

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