Rented E63S AMG Chased by Police Trying to Escape

We have seen a lot of chases in recent months, it seems as if drivers are increasingly fleeing from the police after a stop sign. But this chase, which starts on the A16 Highway in the Netherlands is just crazy.

The driver of E63 S receives a stop sign, but immediately flees. The license plate is passed on to colleagues in the area and it turns out to be a rented Mercedes-AMG. Not much later, the car is picked up by an Audi A6 Highway Police team and a crazy case started in which the suspect tries to flee at over 250 km/h and takes an unprecedented amount of risk.

At a certain point the police decides to stop the chase because it became too dangerous to other road users. But they traced the rental company through the license plate and the suspect is arrested at home that same day. But can they prove that he was actually behind the wheel?

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