Supercharged 700HP V8 M3 Blows up engine on the Autobahn

“If I’m honest, I don’t know why my engine keeps popping every time,” says the driver of this BMW M3 a few moments before things go wrong. We can run a technical analysis on this video, but we all know these engines aren’t the best in reliability.

This BMW M3 of the E90 generation has a supercharger on its V8, bringing the power to around 700HP. Owner Otto lets the car out on the Autobahn, but that was a bit too much for the fancy eight-cylinder that (as you can see at the end of the video) has already had quite a hard life. LOL.

At an unknown speed (but if we can make an estimate, far over 200 km/h) the engine breaks down with a cloud of smoke that makes even magicians jealous. The engine compartment is covered in oil. Due to the pieces of aluminum in the oil, it is suspected that one of the pistons has failed. Check it out below at about the 17th minute mark or just watch the whole vid.

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