FORD ESCORT Mk2 w/ BMW M5 Engine || 10.500RPM F1 SOUND

One of the most outrageous sounding Monsters in HillClimb Racing, it´s Nikos Papadopoulos insane BMW S38-swapped Ford Escort Mk2 coming from Greece. Here attacking both Kimi and Psatha Hillclimbs in Max Attack mode, this is a tremendously modified Race Car featuring very unique solutions that make it a Fan favourite among the Greek crowd.

Powered by the S38 engine unit originally found on the BMW M5 E34 in 3.8L guise, what we have here is a 3.3L de-stroked version built to explore the maximum Revs possible to achieve its peak power. Featuring plenty of custom engine parts to keep up, it is reportedly now producing around 550Hp/10.500Rpm in Naturally Aspirated form which is nothing short of extraordinary.

All this on a 1040Kg, RWD Monster makes for machine that is as intense as they get! Just watch the video below to see andbfollow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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