Supercharged E92 BMW M3 POV Drive Review! *Best car for $30k?*

bmw e92 m3 ess supercharged

The E92 M3 was a smash hit with drivers from the instant it took over from the popular E46 model in 2007. Despite only a 6-year production run, the car remains a favorite BMW M-car for many enthusiasts to this day.

The power output from its 4.0-liter BMW S65 V8 engine, hydraulic steering, well-balanced suspension, internal technology, and classy styling combined to make this German powerhouse one of the most popular sports cars in the world.

In stock form, this car is a thrilling experience to drive. However, in the latest video release on the Vehicle Virgins YouTube channel, Parker Nirenstein test drives an upgraded E92 M3 that has over 600 hp under its hood. Watch the video below to find out why Parker thinks the E92 M3 is hard to beat, especially at a $30,000 price point.

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