The Golvo Returns 2021 – New Setup Dyno Session (Volvo T5 Engine)

Golvo T5 Golf AWD

We have shared this interesting project before and here he is back again with a new setup to make it even faster than it already was. With the previous setup it has already run 9’s on the 1/4 mile as far as we know 9.7 sec @148mph. Joe Bristow changed the setup with a bigger Turbocharger, 3.5inch exhaust, MaxxECU and a Quaife Qke45z Awd Sequential gearbox. It already had Wiseco Pistons and Pauter rods in this 2.3L Volvo powerheart.

But now running solid lifter valvetrain to cope with the extra engine revs from the larger turbo at 2.5 bar boost pressure and plans are to increase boost to 3 bar in the coming months after some track testing at the current power level! Can’t wait to see this beast in action in the next couple months! Watch the video below, leave a comment and follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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