One of a kind 750HP, Big Turbo, Syvecs ECU Golf 7R with unique and high value modifications on a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine.

368WHP – 423HP – 1.4 Bar
447WHP – 514HP – 1.6 Bar
506WHP – 581HP – 2.0 Bar
538WHP – 618HP – 2.3 Bar
624WHP – 718HP – 2.6 Bar – Torque 721WNM (830NM ~612LBFT)
648WHP – 750HP – 2.9 Bar – Torque 812WNM (translate to 933NM crank ~ 688LBFT

*Engine & Drivetrain:*
– Syvecs S7+ Standalone Plug & Play ECU Kit –
– Syvecs Flex Fuel Kit – can run Ethanol fuels, no issues.
– Syvecs Toucan Display – great for monitoring and seeing any errors with Syvecs
– Autotech Uprated Insert for High Pressure Fuel Pump
– Brushless Low Pressure Fuel Pump with Custom Controller
– 1050cc Bosch Motorsport Port Injectors, but running at 5 Bar so more like 1500cc
– APR Uprated DSG Clutch Pack
– CTS B-Cool Billet DSG Filter Housing
– AEM V2 Water Methanol Injection with 5L Aquamist Baffled Tank
– AEM Water/Meth Injection Fail Safe Kit and Flow Monitoring Gauge (needs software calibration)
– Fluidampr Crank Pulley with ARP Bolt
– Custom Turbo Back Exhaust – 3.5″ (90mm) all the way

*Boost and Power:*
– Owen Developments GBT6986 Ball Bearing Turbo (HTZ86) 0.82 A/R with Tial Sport GT35 Exhaust Housing Internally Gated with 0.83 A/R
– Custom Billet T3 to V-Band Collector Flange
– Custom Water and Oil Lines
– Bespoke Custom Core Intercooler with Fabricated End Tanks
– made by Forge Motorsport
– Forge Turbo Discharge Pipe and Boost Hose Kit
– Uprated 4 Bar MAP Sensor, calibrated to Syvecs.
– Forge Carbon Fibre Air Intake with Custom Paper Air Filter
– Forge Large Bore Intake Hose and Bell Mouth

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