THE UK’s QUICKEST BMW F80 M3 – 800+BHP – 1/4 MILE 10.56 @ 142MPH

Some footage of Max Henderson in his BMW F80 M3 from The Fast Show Reloaded and Ultimate Street Car at Santa Pod Raceway in the UK.

It has a fully forged engine with a ported and polished head, supertech valve springs, M5 injectors, port meth injection and Pure Stage 2+ turbos. Tuning is by HLC Performance, and it is pushing out over 800bhp.

At The Fast Show Reloaded back in June, I filmed Max running a few sub 11 second runs, although Im sure he did go quicker. At the USC show last week, Max was running straight into the 10.5’s with a best of 10.56 @ 142mph, before the clutch’s got too hot, and the BMW safety features, shut the car down.

Max’s runs were done on road legal tyres, and as he says, with some race fuel and slicks he could get close to, or even into the 9’s. I believe the record for this platform is 9.35 @ 151mph….

Stay tuned, Max will be going quicker.

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