This Old Mercedes Sounds Like A V12 F1 Car!

The Stig’s secret subterranean lair is the perfect place to make a lot of noise with a lot of noisy cars.In the fifth episode of their series, our tame racing driver welcomes the Mercedes S600 limo…

Wait, what?! Fear not, because while the W140-era Merc S-class is famously quiet (it even had double-glazed windows, so you could hear a pin drop in the cabin) it also had the same V12 that powered the original Pagani Zonda. And thanks to a trick exhaust, this one sounds like an old Formula One car.

Join The Stig, and host Becky Evans, to hear just what an oh-so-special exhaust can do to an old Merc limo.

Car: Mercedes S600
Engine: 6.0-litre n/a V12
Power: 439bhp
Price: £60,000
Top speed: 155mph
Noise: 129.6dB

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