Turbo Gockel 1000+HP VW Golf 1 VR6 Turbo 4-Motion Public Race Days 2019 Hockenheim

Golf 1 VR6 Turbo

We have always been a big fan of Turbo Gockel from Germany and his Turbo Gockel machines! Also known with his VR6 Turbo MK2 Golfs, called der Renner! He has been years in the game building the sickest Volkswagens.

In the video below we have a video of his Golf 1 VR6 Turbo doing some 1/4 mile runs back in 2019. We haven’t shared this one till now, but it deserves to be shared here! Watch him doing some runs! Don’t forget to follow us also on Facebook and share it with your friends!

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