BMW 1-Series M loses the 6 cylinder engine

The future 1-series ///M’s wont be a 6 cylinder anymore. The sporty version of the 1-series coming out in 2018 will be a 4 wheel drive turbocharged four cylinder engine and the normal versions a front wheel drive. On the other side that ain’t bad news. Nowadays with all those little hatchbacks on steroid with a 4 wheel drivetrain, it’s not a bad decision of BMW to go this way with their ///M. But the drift fans wont like the decision that’s for sure.

Not only BMW went downsizing ofcourse. Ford,Volkswagen and even Mercedes-Benz have also a 4 cylinder turbocharged engine in their sporty versions. Only Audi has a 5 cylinder engine in their Audi RS3!

We will see how much potential the 4 cylinder in the new 1-series will have… times change.

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