Woman prints €15000 on her printer to buy an Audi!

prints €15000 on her printer

Print your own money at home with your cheap Canon printer and buy everything your heart desires – why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? You are only one CTRL + P away from total wealth! A German woman had a eureka moment and decided to print 15,000 euros at home on normal paper to buy an Audi A3.

According to the police, the woman only tried to pay with counterfeit money. So she hadn’t even bothered to put a real ticket on top of the pile. The dealer did not fall for the fake coin of the counterfeit coin and asked ad brake if the woman was here to buy a car or to play Monopoly.

The salesman called the police and the woman was taken. When the thieves searched the German wife’s house, they found the printer and even more counterfeit money. It involved 100 and 50 euro banknotes. The woman is suspended for a year in prison for counterfeiting.

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