VW Drag Beetle 3.2l Turbo – 1/4 Mile 9.91 @ 145mph

Arndt Putzmann from Germany in the Kaeferdesaster Drag VW Beetle was at Santa Pod Raceway in the UK for the FAST SHOW. Winning quickest air-cooled car, with a time of 9.91 @ 145mph, but along way of his best of 9.18 in 2017, due to the track temperature being down at just 4 degrees.

Hoping to get down to an 8.5 run this year. The engine is Pauter 3.2l with a GTX42-45 Turbo, running on Methanol, and using a G50 Porsche gearbox, all built by Arndt and pushing out 800 to 1000bhp.

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