When the VTEC Kicks in on your BMW 330D – DARKSIDE DEVELOPMENTS

When the VTEC Kicks in

During a recent track day at Silverstone the Darkside Developments 330D ran away on its own oil, resulting in an ear bleeding 10,000RPM engine failure.

If you ever wondered what v-tec would sound like on a straight 6 diesel, this is probably the closest you will get! The 357HP 330D engine is deadz that’s for sure. Follow us also on Pinterest and Instagram!


M57D30TU2 Alloy Block Engine
Stock Pistons with 1.5mm Valve Reliefs, Lowered Compression, Enlarged Oil Entry and Balanced to 0.2g
Gold Piston Coating
ARP Mains Studs 
ARP Rod Bolts
Darkside Ported Head
Darkside Head Stud Kit
Darkside Upgraded Valve Springs
Performance / Race Camshafts
Darkside GTD2872VR Ball Bearing Turbo
Darkside Custom Exhaust
Universal Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) with 63mm (2.5″) Inlet / Outlet
Custom 57mm Alloy Pipework and Red Darkside Silicones
EGR and EGR Cooler Delete Kit
Swirl Flap Delete Kit
Custom Full Height Alloy Radiator
Pierburg CWA400 Electric Waterpump
TinyCWA Controller
Vibra Technics Engine Mounts
R90 CP3 Fuel Pump
13 Row Fuel Cooler
RockOil Carbon 10w50 Oil
13 Row Oil Cooler
Darkside Custom Remap

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