Why All These Brand New Corvettes Are Being Destroyed

In the United States, dozens of brand-new Corvettes are gonne be destroyed after the factory where they are made got hit by a tornado. Reportedly, 120 examples of the famous sports car. Earlier this month, a tornado destroyed the Chevrolet factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The production of Corvettes takes place in this factory.

About 120 cars were so much damaged they were not repairable anymore. Recently, photos of Facebook user J. Werner have been seen via CorvetteBlogger. It shows how the damaged cars are ready to be destroyed. It is probably even more Corvettes than the 120 examples, since these are only the cars that were really beyond salvage. Factory personnel are currently inspecting the remaining vehicles to ensure they are still suitable for sale.

Buyers who placed an order of a destroyed car will be contacted by their local Chevrolet dealer and asked to resubmit their order, the website Carscoops.com reports. The damage to the factory was extensive enough to stop production.

As a result, customers have to wait even longer for their cars, also because the backlog of cars damaged by the tornado has to be made up.

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