Burnouts & Sounds

Turbo bikes

Drifting TURBO Bikes Compilation and even a Rotary Powered BIKE!

Here we got some turbocharged bikes drifting like a boss on public roads. The way they drive on the public roads are not safe but

Dyno accidents explosions

Engine Explosions on the Dyno

Every car guy wants to dyno his built engine after building it. But sometimes things don't go as planned! Here is a compilation video of

2JZ Swaps Supra engine


Everybody loves the sound of a Supra and the looks of the Supra. but the Supra would be nowhere without the 2JZ engine and the

MK1 16v hillclimb

VW Golf Mk1 16V // 10.600Rpm Pocket Rocket

Valentin Schneider uses a 1.6 litre 250Hp/10.600Rpm #HillclimbMonster that weighs only 745Kg. A screaming Pocket Rocket and one of the most spectacular FWD Hilllclimb cars in

Drag Racing

Mustang Drag Race crazy

NEVER GIVE UP – 3000hp Twin Turbo Mustang comeback

Here we got 2 mustangs with serious power outputs racing each other. The one on the left lost traction at first but that thing came

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