They fit A PARACHUTE on a TAURUS?!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen our friend Zach with his Taurus SHO! (AKA The Blue Turd) His car has been down the past couple years because, like most racers, he wanted to make his car faster! He had the record for the world’s fastest Taurus back then, and

Turning your Segway into a Driftable Go-Kart?

Everybody has ever heard of Segway. Whether you’ve used them to commute, go on off-road adventures or join organised and embarrassing Segway tours on an overpriced city break, the cool executive toy is now a household name in unnecessary gadgets. Well, it was unncessary, as Segway-Ninebot has now introduced a go-kart, and

6 Best Diesels For Engine Tuning | Ep.1

A petrolhead word is quite self-explanatory, but carheads aren't all petrolheads only. There is a certain group of people whoch prefer a diesel engine! Often modding a diesel is much easier due to an already-installed turbocharger and a tougher structure. The engines below belong to the best tunable diesel engines!